Edgie Wedgie ski tip connector

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Edgie Wedgie ski tip connector

Edgie Wedgie connects the kids ski tips together

and aids the beginning skier in maintaining a balanced and controlled wedge position. The Edgie Wedgie may also help prevent falls by eliminating the spreading or crossing of the ski tips and will help speed up the learning process while providing a more enjoyable introduction to skiing.

The Edgie Wedgie is easily connected and removed by the metal thumb screw on the ends of the flexible rubber connector. Works great with rental skis! Please keep in mind that a small indentation may occur to the skis from the thumb screw. If you're concerned about small cosmetics damaged to the skis, order one our other tip connector that applies with glue and Velcro.

The Edgie Wedgie offers a one year warranty against defects.
Recommended skiing ages: 1 - 8

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