Regina knee high BLACK long hair fur boot

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Regina knee high BLACK long hair fur boot

Knee high black fur boots

These boots are made with real goat hair! Why goat hair? Goat hair is water repellent to keep your feet dry. Goat hair is also windproof and adds insulation. For extra warmth, the boots are lined with a soft sherling liner.

Black Knee high fur boot features....

  • Made in Italy with real goat hair.
  • The boots are water repellent which means you can walk into a puddle of water without getting your feet wet. The boots are not waterproof, which means if you stand in the puddle, some water will start to seep through.
  • Height: On average, these boots stand about 16 inches tall. Depending on the length of your lower leg, it may not go all the way to your knee but stands taller than our other models.
  • The average opening at the top is about 15 inches. We recommend you wear pants that fit tight at the bottom or roll them up. But you can wear your pants outside the boots. Your choice!
  • The bottom soles are made of synthetic rubber and the heel is about an inch higher than the front. The pattern is designed to give grip in the worst of winter conditions.
  • The boots are lined with a thick soft sherling liner which is warm and comfortable.
  • Goat hair is easy to clean. Simply use a mild soap with water. Then rinse with clean cool water.
  • These boots are made with real goat hair. Real goat hair is very durable, weatherproof and looks great. Because these boots are made with real fur, there may be a slight color variance from what you see in the photo.

Our comments: Many long hair fur boots are fake and don't last as long. These knee high fur boots are the best we could find for the price.

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