Therm-ic battery heated mittens

Item number THHMPrice $400.00

Therm-ic battery heated mittens

Introducing a battery heated mitten with adjustable heat!


Mittens are warmer than gloves becuase you loose less heat when your fingers are together. With this battery heated mitten, you can regulate your heat with the integrated batteries and battery control panel on the back of the wrist. The innovative THERM-IC impulse processor warms your hands reliably and stimulates the blood circulation in your fingers and thumb. Temperature in the mittens can stay constant for up to 10 hours.

But how do you justify spending $400.00 for a pair of heated mittens?
We broke down the components for you....

  • Two rechargeable processor-controlled, heat adjustable Lithium-ion batteries- $120

  • One global charger- $80

  • Two heating elements and wire harnesses- $805

  • One pair of quality outdoor mittens- $120

    Total cost = $400.00

About the batteries and charger.....
You'll receive 2 light weight lithium-ion dual batteries, each weighing only 3 ounces. Charging is easy because the included charger will charge your batteries overnight and without worry of overcharging the batteries. If charged correctly, the batteries can be charged over 1,000 times. Each battery has 3 heat settings to control the amount of heat. The lower the number, the lower the heat but the batteries last longer. Keep in mind, you don't need the heat turned on all the time, just when it's needed. The global charger can be used in North America, Europe, and the UK.

The heat is warm, Not Hot! The Therm-ic heating is intended to keep your hands warm and not heat them. The correct temperature level and heating duration depends on various factors, such as the charge of the power cells and the external temperature. Use the below table as a rough guide.

Setting Average temp C° Average temp F° Approximate duration
1 37º 99º 8 - 10 hours
2 45º 113º 4 - 5 hours
3 62º 144º 2 - 2.5 hours

The heating elements are water resistant and can absorb shocks without breaking. You get a integrated heating element that is located over the fingers in each mitten and one for the thumb. The heat is controlled by a simple push button on the back of the hand. The + and - symbols make it easy to adjust the 3 stages of heat temperatures.

About the mittens.....
A leading European manufacture make the mittens and installs the heating elements and battery pouch. Inside has individual finger pockets to keep the fingers extra warm. The mitten shell is made of 100% Dobby-Nylon with a waterproof, windproof and breathable Ski-Dri
  membrane lining to ensure dry hands with or without the heat. The 100% polyester performance insulation make the mittens warm by themselves. The palm and fingers are 100% leather and the wrist cinch strap helps keep out cold and snow. An antibacterial lining help keep the glove sanitary and smelling nice. The mittens have a 1 year manufactures warranty.

If you suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome, our heated mittens are what you want. With a heating element at the end of the fingers and thumb, it puts the heat right where you need it. The 3 position adjustable heat switch allows you to select the amount of heat you need. Also, if you get cold feet, see our Therm-ic battery foot warmers for your feet.

Our comments: If you want a high quality mitten with battery powered heat, this is a great one to have. We think the battery indicator on the back of the hand is a great idea to indicate how much power we have on.

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