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Boot Heaters

How to select your battery boot heating system!

First, select a battery heating system!
  • A heating system is batteries and heating elements. You have 4 options.
  • Batteries and charger- If you have a pre-installed heating elements in your boots, (you'll know this by the wires coming out the top of your boots) all you need are the batteries and charger.
  • Batteries with heat element- If you do not have pre-installed heating elements and have custom insoles or very close fitting boots, this is the best way to heat your toes.
  • Batteries with trim to fit insoles- This is our most popular system! If you do not have pre-installed heating elements or custom insoles, this is the easiest system to install! The one size fits all insoles have the heating elements pre-installed in the toe area. All you do is trim the insole to size and install.
  • Batteries with supportive insoles- If you do not have pre-installed heating elements or custom insoles, this is easy to install and the supportive insoles offer extra support for comfort. The heating elements are pre-installed in the insoles at the toes.

Next, select your battery type!

The more expensive the battery option, the longer your heat will last.
  • Hotronic offers two options, e3 and e4 - Both use rechargeable three or four cell nickel metal hydride batteries.
  • Therm-ic offers more battery options. The Basic uses AA batteries. The Max and SuperMax uses nickel metal hydride batteries. The Smartpacks uses small light weight rechargeable
  • Lithium-ion batteries. Some can be operated with a remote control.

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